Solitario Armonico

Caravaggio. A light project

Caravaggio is considered the chronicler of his time. The scenes of daily life fixed on his canvases tell us in depth about a self-destructive mankind; a light that grows from darkness and creates defined, deep and never static forms.
The use he makes of light is exactly that one of the photographer, who measures and doses according to the result he wants to get. In this direction I sought, in my works, an approach that is not only aesthetic but also profound; without subsequent revisions or, better, without postproduction to improve the effects.

The project “Caravaggio in Cucina” was born as an analysis and story of a national heritage that seems to risk being lost in the frivolous “need” to globalize tastes and emotions. Photographing the fruits of a land that risks becoming blind and unrecognizable, in such a recognizable way, becomes primary in the search for a link between art and truth.

I have been dedicated to food photography for some 40 years: mainly from a commercial point of view, working and collaborating with big companies and professionals in national and international food sectors.

I spent the last years of this career researching and conceptualizing the photographic shooting technique "light painting", which was little used, and even badly, due to the difficulty of getting coherent results close to the initial project. To my great surprise, from the first shot I found a methodology that led me to achieve excellent pictorial effects and color results.
At the same time, I realized that what I got was a memory of a very famous painting technique throughout the world which, combined with the now proven sense of composition, gave back to my images "something of Caravaggio's style"...

Meaning of the artwork

My work is mainly inspired by my experience as a food photographer. The deep connection I feel with the land has generated a personal way of expression. Single products, freshly picked, in the miracle of their perfection/imperfection, without stage tricks: light, time and the precious fruit given by nature.

Hosting one of my artworks means welcoming both its joyful side and its dark side. The fruits of our land still mean life and maternal essence, but also fragility and loneliness.
They are images that capture a wide variety of typical regional products, in their "natural" form, composing one of the richest collections of ingredients that made recipes of Italian gastronomic culture famous. All images are made with the “brushstroke” technique.