From commercial to art

Renato was born in Venice in 1956. He starts working in 1971 and, after experiencing in a shop dedicated to corporate meetings, just seventeen he continues his apprenticeship as a photo printer and soon after as a photographer in a studio of industrial pictures.
In 1976, with his older brother Riccardo, well established art director, a new adventure in Food & Wine photography begins. This collaboration will last ten years.
After this period Renato decides to open his own studio ranging from fashion to beauty, to reportages, still-life and advertising. In 1992 he decides to dedicate exclusively to the Wine & Food photography, becoming one of its most authoritative representatives. He cooperates in the publishing of some 100 books, including countless recipes and catalogues. He signs photo shoots for almost all sector publications.
He’s awarded with the colleagues Oliviero Toscani and Vittorio Storaro (Venice, Career Award) and in the same year he also wins the Golden Mamiya in Numana.
Renato is also selected by Poste Italiane for the issue of a philatelic postmark on four artworks of "Caravaggio in Cucina".
It's just from his experiments with light that the project “Caravaggio in Cucina” was born. The typical painter's brush soaked in the colors, is replaced by a LED light that becomes a real brush in Renato’s hands to illuminate when shooting, only where necessary, the subjects properly positioned. This is how photographs dominated by lights, shadows and chiaroscuro are born.

Renato Marcialis

Renato Marcialis

Caravaggio in Cucina - Light Painting Photography

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